Peter Cloutier Jabalee

Rookie (December 17th,1990 / Montreal, Canada)

Welcome To Hell (Horror) - Poem by Peter Cloutier Jabalee

A newlywed couple,
Set off for L.A.
To Celebrate Marriage,
They’d be there in days.

The last long stretch,
Was a highway of desert.
But at the end of the road,
Was the break they deserved.

Driving fast down the road,
The groom was soon speeding.
The roads were all empty,
Miles of just the two breathing.

For hours he drove,
Without slowing down.
When soon came the rain,
And down it would pound.

As the sky became dusk,
The man picked a pace.
When suddenly came sirens,
And his heart began to race.

As he pulled over,
His Honeymoon ruined.
The officer stepped over,
“This will all be done soon.”

“So where are you going? ”
The officer pondered.
The groom just stared blankly,
His hair had turned blonder.

Explaining his new marriage,
And where they were going.
The officer leaned over,
As if he didn’t know...

Acting as if,
They hadn’t been speeding.
He gave them good news,
He said slowly breathing.

“There’s a town up the road,
That love’s to take guests.
If you drive there,
Hospitality will be best.”

“Well thank you sir”,
The groom then responded
And felt his dry tongue,
Which felt slowly rotted.

The officer turned,
As if to leave.
“And soon you’ll be dead”,
The groom heard him breathe.

The groom was taken,
Through awkwardly fear.
“What did you say? ”
His head switching gears.

“Safe travels ahead”,
The cop then said clearly.
The groom then calmed down,
And drove away slowly.

The car reached the town,
Of ‘Mulok’ by night.
The name sounded strange,
But still a beautiful sight.

Driving farther in,
He pulled up by the inn.
On the front of the sign,
Said “A place to begin”

As the groom and his wife,
Checked in at the door.
He noticed their slogan,
‘A Place to Die For! ’

Still un-aware,
He was sleeping in Hell.
He opened the room,
That would soon be his Cell.

At midnight he awoke,
Alone in his bed.
Calling out, he got up,
What had gone through her head?

Going to the closet,
To throw on a coat.
A body fell out,
With a stump for a throat.

The lights had popped on,
As if possessed.
Searching the body,
And trying his best.

As long as he searched,
Denying she was his wife.
A cop then stepped in,
“You’re going to jail for life.”

“I didn’t do this! ”
The groom then yelled.
Denying psychotic ways,
The cop never heard tell of.

Arrested and sent,
To the local prison.
He cried and he cried,
But no one would listen.

“We bend the rules for murderers”
The sheriff said through the cell.
“As long as I have you,
Every day will be Hell! ”

Two days had passed,
While the young groom cried.
He couldn’t believe,
His wife had really died.

Feeling alone,
With no one who cared.
He reached out to God,
But no one was spared.

Coming to terms,
Of being alone.
A man in the cell,
Said ‘this is my home.’

“I’ve lived here for decades”,
The man then continued.
“No one is guilty,
But the town we live in, true.”

“But being a prisoner,
As an innocent person.
Is only as bad,
As you let it be first, son”

The groom looked around,
As if the world would fall.
“Welcome to Hell”,
Was written on the wall.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This is a poem I planned on writing to represent Stephen King styled novels, I wasn't as good at Horror as I thought... This one was hard to put together.

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