The Dream Forgotten Poem by Keith Ricardo Williams

The Dream Forgotten

i have a dream
little black kids, and little white kids
free at last
shooting each other on city streets
in the public schools
wanting to be little Nino Brown’s
i have a dream
jihad, and white supremacists
i’ve been to mountain top
where missles fire on city, after city
i have a dream
to be a basketball player
making one million dollars
i have a dream
to be a rapper with my own clothes line
i have a dream
to be a pimp, and walk with a limp
i have a dream
to sell crack
i have a dream
i have a dream
that AIDS would sweep an entire planet
that nuclear weapons will become security
i have a dream
i have a dream
that global warming will never stop
that religion won’t mean a thing
evil will consume everything
i have a dream
i have a dream
i have a dream
peace, peace, but there is no peace
give me liberty, or give me death
one god, one aim, one destiny
by any means necessary
i have a dream forgotten
rotting away
no one to remove the debri, or decay
festering like an open sore
like 21 volumes of suicide
floating like a butterfly
stinging like a bee
in brooklyn grows a tree
twin towers no longer there to see
I have dream
that preachers will preach prosperity
i have a dream
that teachers will teach humanity
i have a dream
that lovers will love vanity
i have a dream
i have a dream
several score, and several years ago
our founding fathers were dedicated
to the proposition that we were created equal
it’s a shame it didn’t include colored people
different church steeples
i have a dream
or so it seems
like something that happened yesterday
was it yesterday?
well! any way I have a dream

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