The Drops Poem by Obed Akuma

The Drops

The drops, round heavy thick spheres that fell with a loud thud
Up and down, left and right the leaves twisted
The force of the drops, with unmatched perseverance, the leaves withstood
The dust on the leaves, in torrents, the rain washed
And we must persevere as His grace washes us

Through the window the two brightly moist eyes watched as the rain fell
A tear peeped at the corner of the right eye, stopped as if to survey the new territory it wants to plunge into
A hand appeared making as if to wipe the tear away and stopped midway returning to the lab where it was resting
Let them flow, let the tears trace their paths down the cheeks, a thought crossed the mind
The tears fell, in torrents they fell, thick round drops down the chuffy cheeks
And thus allow nature to take its course

Outside it rained from the sky
Inside it rained from the heart
Bitter drops that fell into the core of the soul
The rain was cleaning the product of a long drought
The tears were draining away the sorrows of rejection
The sorrows of being born poor
Poor of wealth, poor of love
And our condition we must acknowledge

The drops of love fell to the ground
From the heavens they fell
Startling him a voice said
“My son why cry, when I have loved you?
At the garden early in the morning drops of blood fell while for you I prayed,
At the cross blood and water fell while I gave it all for you,
Those were the drops of life for you
They may reject you, but I will love you”.
And thus He loves us

With determination he stood up,
To the door he walked
Opened the door and stretched out the hand collected some rained water
And gulped it, it washed the sorrow away
Relieved, he limbed into the rain which was falling with awesome strength
With a leisure walk in the rain he made for the garden
And thus we must face our challenges

Flowers in the rain greeted him
Rose flowers, morning glory flowers, all kinds of flowers, greeted him
Flowers dropping a pleasant scent filling the aura
The rain beat furiously on him, he let it
Let it wash away the bitterness, he thought
And the bitterness was washed away
And thus His creation encourages us

The rain drops stopped
The atmosphere was filed with the sun’s rays
And suddenly the soft sun was reflected on the flowers
The groom face all of a sudden brightened with the reflection from the flowers
Down to his soul it went, and hope colonized his heart
And therefore His light lightens our plight
Wiping the drops of sweat from his face, he woke up with a start

Obed Akuma

Obed Akuma

Nyamira County, Kenya
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