The Dregs Are Consumed Poem by Obed Akuma

The Dregs Are Consumed

Cry and groan

Large hollow dimples appearing on the cheeks

A tiny dropp of tear tracing a wet path down the cheek

That is quickly consumed by the warm humid air

Leaving a dry stain

A dry pain in the stomach

Strong pain is felt from the corner of the cheeks

The tongue moves to and fro

A lump of saliva forms in the mouth

The white dehydrated eyes look around the room

A glass sits comfortably on an old table

The emaciated hand reaches for it

To the mouth the difficult effort is aimed

A dropp falls on the lips

The tongue rushes out and licks the lips

A long painful swallow follows

Down the thin throat

Leaving the whole stomach to ache for more

The dregs are consumed

A small bowl sits aimlessly on a chair

A fly moves to and fro the bowl

A dog pants lying prostrate on the floor

The dregs are gone

The fly goes hungry

The dog longs for the bones

The emaciated figure makes painful childlike strides around the room

Wondering what happened

To the dregs of humanity

To the dregs of generosity

To the dregs of equity

The emaciated figure stares at the dog

Then the dehydrated eyes move slowly to the empty bowl

A tiny dropp moves rapidly down the cheek

The dropp leaves the chin for the air into the bowl

The fly quickly lands onto the bowl

Happy for a meal

The emaciated figure wonders on

Painfully shaking the head

Fully aware that greedy replaced patriotism

Fully aware that selfishness replaced leadership

Fully aware that death rapidly approaches

The death of care, of love, of goodwill

And fully aware that the dregs are consumed

Obed Akuma

Obed Akuma

Nyamira County, Kenya
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