The End Of The World Poem by Leah Wright

The End Of The World

I bring it slowly up my arm letting all the blood drip dropp down my arm,
Hearing everyone scream and shout outside mourning for there loved one.
All I do is sit in the bathroom trying to cut that one vein,
All it will take is one cut and one vein to do it.
Nothing happens I breathe in hoping it will be my last,
But nothing I just sit there living life on.
My eyes dropp to the ground hoping I will be punished by anyone God Satan anyone,
All I feel is the desire to be punished until I’m dead.
Nobody can hear my thoughts,
Nobody will care about my thought,
They will just tell me I’m depressed and need help.
But in reality all I want to do is live in a hole that will slowly kill me,
And anyone else who has that desire.
Together we will just disappear into our watery graves,
And all the good memories of us will be erased,
Nobody ever knowing that we were alive or even existed.
Everything will be gone in a matter of minute’s maybe even seconds,
Just that last breathe will be hard to draw in,
Because in the end we will all be forgotten anyway

Amy Douglass (Fifita) 20 February 2009

A sad, but awesome poem. Depression is a great thing to write about not to mention read. It gives you time to reflect and it's theriputic. Good read.

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