Depression Of Loneliness Poem by Leah Wright

Depression Of Loneliness

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Blood trickles down my cheek gushing out from my wound,
Everybody keeps walking as if nothing matters but them.
I look to my left and then to my right and see nothing but people,
Walking quickly to there destinations.
I shrug hoping that someone would notice me and try to kill me,
I feel like I have fallen into a deep black hole and am trying to escape,
Clawing the side walls leaving scratch marks.
I stab at my arm carving “loneliness” into it,
Every line and every drip of blood I ease myself not to scream or say a word.
All I do is sit there cutting away on every inch of my arm,
Tears swell up in my eyes I blink fast trying to see.
All I think is sadness and depression that will haunt me forever until I give it up,
Until I let people know,
Until THEY find,
Until I am locked away never to see the sharpness of the knife hidden away in my room.
All I feel is loneliness which I will never forget because it’s a scar,
Which will need fade away unless I make it.

Cassie Damon 18 September 2011

i have only a few sentences not muuch but just enough. firstly daaaamn this is amazing full of feeling and secondly i know how this is i am in the dark place where carving words into my arm is right and it helps ease the pain of abandonment and abuse. its something i can control. the scars will always be a reminder of past pain and hurt

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Amy Douglass (Fifita) 20 February 2009

A beautiful poem full of emotion. this is something i can easily relate to. I have the words 'worthless' and and 'die' carved into in each thigh, and they are constent reminders of why i cut myself. Nice, well expressed write.10++

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