The Engine Driver Poem by Clive Sansom

The Engine Driver

Rating: 2.8

The train goes running along the line,
Jicketty -can, Jicketty -can.
I wish it were mine, I wish it were mine,
Jicketty -can, Jicketty -can.
The engine driver stands in front ---
He makes it run, he makes it shunt;
Out of the town,
Out of the town,
Over the hill,
Over the down,
Under the bridges,
Across the lea,
Over the bridges,
And down to the sea,
With a Jicketty -can, Jicketty -can,
Jicketty -can, Jicketty -can,
Jicketty -can, Jicketty -can…

Valda 22 August 2020

Love this poem from ladybird BEDTIME STORIES book, published 1977 My children enjoyed listening to it and many others from same book. I look forward to reading them all again to grand children....when they come stay after LOCKDOWN! Valda 22/08/2020

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Margaret 14 May 2020

When I was 10 years old (61 years ago) I was entered into a schools public speaking competition with some of my classmates. We recited this poem along with View from a Railway Carriage and we won. I remember it all as being great fun. I can still recite both poems by heart but I can't remember what I did yesterday!

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Susan 12 January 2020

I have been searching for the Ladybird book that contained this poem, which I read to my 3 year old daughter back in 1979, it was a particular favourite of hers and she still remembers it today. Would love to get the book to give it to her as a keepsake. Can anyone help.

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Anona 05 April 2018

I learned the Clive Samson poem The Engine Driver when I was twelve,65 years ago, and loved it then as I do now,

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Brian Jani 24 May 2014

Interesting poem clive

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