Mary T Ayegbusi

The Epidemic In Our Society - Poem by Mary T Ayegbusi

Everyone has that feeling of loneliness, and emptiness.
I don’t know why most people get them mixed up. Is it because of their lack of knowledge or their ignorance towards it?
Loneliness is the act of being alone and not having a companion, someone to talk to or even hold; while emptiness is the act of containing nothing; no believes, values nor knowledge.
We stare at our reflection everyday to remind us who and which we are and what we wish we are not. We try to find fill those black holes by changing who we are
altering our destiny.
We make decision everyday that we are accountable for no matter how little they may seem. We should learn to be considerate towards others because we do not know what they are going through internally. We should learn humility, by putting our pettiness aside and be willing to be observant and influence someone’s life for the best.
loneliness and emptiness are epidemics that are invading our societies, homes, and our characters due to our insecurities and selfishness.
But the best cure for this epidemic is compassion.
Have we underestimated the importance of compassion in our society, our nation, and our world! !
Or are we too busy feeling sorry for ourselves and complaining of what we don’t have that we’ve missed the opportunity that we do have to talk to someone in need.
Are we blind, deaf, or just ignorant?
We have this narcissistic view on almost EVERYTHING we do and I am abased to be living in this society.
Isn’t it ironic that when you do something good for someone or even an animal there’s a certain connection that we have created and we feel good and begin to see the world differently which increases our knowledge.
That connection and knowledge takes away loneliness and emptiness and fills it with what’s more important.
That’s why I thank god for philanthropists who make compassion their life by forming organizations to help better world.
As for me I never want to say I’m lonely or empty because I know I was placed on earth with gifts, talents and abilities to influence a soul even if it’s for a second

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 19, 2009

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