Mary T Ayegbusi

The Race Of Life - Poem by Mary T Ayegbusi

As we line up in our individual lanes representing our school thoughts begins to emerge.
Questions being to form and doubt sets in.
I look to the left and take another look to my right; these are my competitors.
As i analyze their form and movement inferiority commences.
I look to audience for support and i find my coaches, my teammates and my friends as they cheer me on with such faith awaiting the outcome of the race in anticipation. I smile nervously to ease their tension, and maybe in return it will ease mine. The winner of the race is not about who is faster, but is determined by the person who constantly pushes past the wind, past their comfort zone, the one who doesn't die.
Months of intense training has passed by, the pain is gone, and hopefully along with the tears; and all that is left is faith.
'On Your Mark! ' We get into our two point stand position. The silence becomes apparent as my heart throbs rapidly, my stomach clenches up as it punches the lining of my stomach walls, and my hands begin to sweat profusely. Little droplets of water collect as they fills up my right eye as gravity pulls it down my face. What if i don't win, what if i forget everything i have learned and i can’t put it into motion. What if i let myself down and others down, what if I'm not capable enough. The 'if's' of life contains my taught as if i am being blown away by the wind as it sucks me and spins me in its vortex.
This is not what i am programmed to think, this is not who i will become. Faith begins to ascend as if the Gods showered me with their love and peace. This is no time for weakness, this is my race and i will make the best of it. 'Get Set! ' it all comes down to this. The only thing i can see now is the rough, dark, concrete; face down as it pressed back on my soft finger tips. The silence is beginning to make me feel aloof as if I’ve been cut off from the outside world and all i can feel is pressure. We are like Olympians fighting for the gold. My gold and no matter what advantages they have over me i will obtain my gold. I take a deep breath holding it in for dear life, the only support the gods have given me as i take it in with gratitude. I am relaxed. 'POW! ' caught off guard the silence breaks loose, the crowd cheers in excitement. I release the air slowly, and i am gone in the race of life.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 19, 2009

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