Melissa Wagner

The Faceless Mask - Poem by Melissa Wagner

This mask,
is permanent.
This mask,
is inevitable.

It can be happy,
It can be sad, or mad.
It can show frustration,
It can show any emotion.

But this mask,
is unfortunately the only face we see.
We do not see what lies underneath,
the truth that lies within.

This mask is worn,
with friends and family.
In public or in private,
even when you're by yourself.

When we were created,
this mask was too.
Our outer face,
known as our identity.

But when we were created,
so was our true face.
And this true face's name...
Our soul.

Our soul,
Our heart,
Our mind,
together; combined.

This is our true face,
our true feelings,
our true life!
No one sees this face.

No one but God,
whom he himself created,
this innermost face,
of which we hide.

The most known kid in school,
the leader of a country,
we may know their secrets,
but we don't know them.

We don't know what they feel.
We don't know what they believe.
If you don't know them,
do you at least know yourself?

Whether it be yes,
or it be no,
God does know you,
and he loves you much.

He created your face,
both of them.
So don't show the mask,
show who you truly are.

I had a good friend,
though I didn't know her well,
I knew her enough.
Yet what happened still blew me away.

Consciously you reailze,
it can happen anytime, anywhere.
Even to your friends, family
and yourself.

you deny it.
It can't happen to me,
It won't affect my life.

Well it can and it did.
My mind has been opened,
and so have my eyes.
I matured so much in one night...

As you go on with life,
just know,
what you see, may only be,
a mask.

(14 Jan.2009)

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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