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1. Why I Love Poetry 6/8/2009
2. Just Livin' Life 6/8/2009
3. Legacy 6/8/2009
4. The Heart Of Friendship 6/9/2009
5. The Faceless Mask 6/9/2009
6. Love Is A Band-Aid 6/9/2009
7. Take Flight 6/9/2009
8. Chips Or Fries? 6/9/2009
9. Collission 6/10/2009
10. Walking The Dog One Chilly Night 6/10/2009
11. If Your Soul Could Speak, What Would It Say? 6/15/2009
12. Creation 7/6/2009
13. Seasons Of Hope 6/10/2009
14. What's In My Journal? 6/8/2009
15. Waterfall 6/10/2009
16. ...Just A Cross? 6/8/2009
17. The Journey Without Shortcuts 6/9/2009
18. The American Flag 6/9/2009
19. The Metaphorical Christian Life 6/10/2009

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The Metaphorical Christian Life

Shivering in the cold,
walking briskly,
holding the cup of hot chocolate with both hands.

A thought came to me,
a metaphor it's called,
but it seemed to be true.

The metaphor,
to be explained clearly,
is this...

The cold is life,
our troubles,
our problems.

God it the cup of hot chocolate,
warming us, both
inside and out.

When we pass someone in need,
we give them a drink,
filling their cup.

Then God,
being the loving, caring God he really is,
refills our own.

It may sound cheesy,
but if...

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What's In My Journal?

Memories. That's all I have.
Those precious moments, fleeting by.
Treasured forever, kept safe in my heart.
Times up at the cabin, before Grandpa got sick.
Times with my friends: birthday parties, movies, anything really.
The day I got my brown belt, my brother at my side.
The mission trip last summer, the best week of my life.
Last night, packing food, saving those kids' lives.
Throughout the years past, and for those to come.

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