The Fake People Poem by Matthew Rousseau

The Fake People

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People may pretend to care
And volunteer to work
But after work they turn on the cold stare
In their hearts hate is what lurks
I hate that kind…
So fake and selfish
Me and them think different in our mind
Good people are the ones who are selfless
I am no exception
I can be selfish at times
I cast a self-deception
My personality can be like wind chimes
It changes momentarily
And i catch it in the act
I cure my myself singularity
And change it back
In a world of fakes
Where people take for granted every meal
Where people expect bithday cakes
Dare to be real

Vergielyn Cubol 29 October 2011

Kiddo, I came to read back this poem...i notice a little typo-error of the word birthday..this is really a good poem though

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isabella Francis 19 October 2011

Really good.. Actually it gives words to my feelings too...

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Vergielyn Cubol 07 October 2011

wow..why does i look like a spam commenter....anyways..came back here to get the poem great great work!

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Vergielyn Cubol 07 October 2011

this blew me away..been looking for such realistic life reflecting poetry..found it here..thanks..

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Vergielyn Cubol 07 October 2011

You blew me been searching for this kind of realistic life reflecting me hook...sharing this on facebook

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Matthew Rousseau

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