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Rushing through my cheeks like a waterfall,
Beware of the night when tears fall.
Beware, for they won't let me sleep,
All through the night I'll have to weep.

Dreams break
Houses shake
Your heart is shattered
You got to live your life

Thick and dark my blood flows free,
As red as the rose you once gave me.

My feet are cold my hands are numb,

I stood on the bus stop waiting and waiting
Watching the shadows on the street lengthening.

The bus however did not come, even if I waited night on night

The breeze blows,
Soft and soothing as a caress.
The breeze blows,
Taking with it all the stress.

You are responsible
For the longing
To meet someone like you
A few years ago

As the moon melts into silver,
Wind ripples along the river.

Drops of blood drip and dissolve in the flow,

I lay shrouded by blankets,
My shallow breathing could be heard in snippets.

I lay and wondered why was I still breathing,

It's okay to be late to school once in a while,
Specially if I get to see that wave and a cheerful hi.

I left home and waited under the gulmohar tree,

The bell chimed clear and high pitched,
It felt as if the night's silence had me ditched.

Who the hell was it to irritate me at midnight,

They are so similar; the sky and the sea,
Each day the sun rises on both of them with glee.

As the sun rises high in the sky,

Yes I'm addicted, not to marijuana, ecstasy or cocaine,
Yes I'm addicted, addicted to pain.

I drape scarves, I wear full sleeves,

One morning I opened my eyes and blinked them clear
From that very moment I felt your presence near.

I opened the door and went out in my garden

I’ve got lost in a ruthless desert,
Pained with hunger, dying with thirst.

I’ve wandered in vain for days,

I'll run for hours,
I'll walk for miles.
I'll do anything,
To win that smile.

Like notches on a prisoner's cell wall,
On her fair forearm, short cuts stand tall.

Each day in which she loses control over her feelings,

Laying down pained, scarred and half dead, wanting to scream
Calling on to the Angel of Death to free me.

Hovering over a buttercup quizzically
Slowly landing on it and kissing it lovingly.

Her purple wings fluttered supple

He doesn't judge me,
He just sees me.
As I am, unblemished,
By hate or love.

I sit on the last bench,
Like I don't even exist,
Days pass by
In an eternal mist.

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I'm still in school. An avid collector of poems. Started writing a year and a half back...)

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The Someone

Rushing through my cheeks like a waterfall,
Beware of the night when tears fall.

Beware, for they won't let me sleep,
All through the night I'll have to weep.

Cry silently, try to wake no one up,
Who cares? because I'm the only one up,

To fight for all and lose for none,
In tormenting me life has great fun.

In an attempt to make others' life glitter,
I dive for pearls and for life splutter.

But behind the scenes there is someone who is waiting for a cue,
And she, is sure to come to my rescue.

Even when I'm utterly scared,
She comes to make sure that I am spared.

Even if she is sad her cheerful chatter knows no end,
Yes, she was, is and will be my bestest friend.

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Abhishek Tiwari 02 November 2011

Your poems are #1 in my eyes.. continue the spirit! Give the best out of u!

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