Francis Duggan

The Fear Of The Unknown - Poem by Francis Duggan

The injured animal or bird vulnerable to predators into a thick hedgerow for to hide will crawl
The instincts in them for survival is something that is in us all
'Tis the fear of death that makes us want to live on we feel the fear of the unknown
But do not expect any mercy from others if any mercy to others you've not shown.

The fear of the unknown is a real fear many resort to a God and to prayer
They've convinced themselves of a hereafter of the Paradise for the just somewhere up there
It is just that they cannot accept the atheist theory that death to life is a final farewell
That's why Humankind create this imaginary heaven and for the damned this imaginary hell.

The injured animal or bird crawls into the hedgerow quite aware of their weakened state
To live unprotected in the open assuredly would seal their fate
To them we are not any different we live for awhile and we die
The older bird is doomed forever when it's wings are too weakened to fly.

The fear of the unknown is a real fear and 'tis not death but the fear of it we fear
That's why God to so many is important and that's why so much about God we hear
But if they are so certain of the hereafter then why are they so scared to die
The dead never speak in their coffins of a Paradise beyond the sky.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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