The Gears Of Life Poem by Richard McClellan

The Gears Of Life

Rating: 5.0

There is no reverse,
in the transmission of life,
while you can look back,
an wish you were young again,
only memories can be recalled,
to that period of time,
so don't waste your days,
looking back there,
wanting to go back an stay,
cause life moves forward,
ruled by the pendulum of time,

life has irreversible gears,
it turns only one way,
an never steps back,
the love of the youth,
is a chapter you can never repeat,
however, life doesn't end,
it moves forward,
like the waters of a river,
as the season's change,
and this, by the way,
is where the river bank is made,
life's journey is everlasting,
till your maker calls on thee!

so enjoy your life,
move forward and not back,
no regrets,
only one life to give,
cause the gears of life,
go round n round,
life's chapters, all combined together,
make it the book to read!

Bridgett Mcgough 13 November 2011

I love this poem, it mirrors my feelings about the past. I feel that if one spends too much time looking back at the will miss the road in front of them, and that road could be a beautiful journey!

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