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defined by force,
to die for the cause,
is what the soldier supports,

I am sitting all alone-tonight, weary, sad and blue.

Thinkin of the past my dear, and how I'm missing you,

What if your life was a leaf on a tree,
and one day a great wind blows,
pulls your leaf from its limb,
you flutter down to the stream below,

How do I commence speaking,
of someone that I not know?
my heart aches for them,
to be my fountain of love so,


Bread, Bread, a staff of life,
taking your flour,
an makin' some dough,
with the dough, sticky and smooth,

Sitting alone,
just my thoughts with me,
my mind is blank,
no good thoughts I see,

My love, I miss you so,
fo' in my heart,
the emotion of you fills me,
[with you] wrapping up my soul,

On twenty four July of eighty five,
a Trailways bus I did ride,
the destination of Jackson [Basic Training],
a new life for me,

No matter how misconstrued,
one may be taken,
a gentle heart,
will never change,

I remember when it used to be easy,
I remember when it wasn't so hard,
I remember what it felt like to be young,
That's when life was fun!

I walked along a country road,
one sunny autumn day.
And gazed upon the beauty,
The woodland did portray.

As I bundle up,
the keys in my hand,
I straddle my steel horse,
No rein's to grab,

Soul mates, once found,
bring out the best,
While they're not perfect,
They are to you,

Rain, Rain, wash over me,
cleanse an purify me,
your drops, so soothing n' smooth,
lull me to sleep, content, not blue,

Pontius you condemned him so long ago,
to spikes and the cross,
with a crown of thorns,
no baron are you,

Stabbed in my heart
my blood's oozing out,
drippin n' tricklin,
it's poolin on the ground,

There was a woman named Ene,
Mr. Ferguson she did follow,
She lost all her house,
Much space she's without,

Friend of freedom is close at hand,
Roaming the battlefields across our land,
Engulfed by whisps of smoke that somehow pervade,
Entrenched by the enemies' live grenades,

There is no reverse,
in the transmission of life,
while you can look back,
an wish you were young again,

O' my sweet clematis,
so pretty hanging near me,
you look so parched,
its my water you seek,

Richard McClellan Biography

I was born in the USA and served in the U.S. Army. I have traveled the world including Japan, Korea, Portugal, Italy, Canada as well as most of the lower 48 United States and Alaska. My favorite place is the Azores Islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. My hobbies include poetry, genealogy, crocheting, and knitting. My interests are motorsport, baseball, football (not soccer) , and basketball. I used to pass time playing billiards,8-ball and 9-ball, but due to health had to give it up playing competitively. On education, I graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics. In 2004, via my employer, I filed a patent called Container Inventory Management & VMI System Enhancements [ADM File Ref. CRP.5.US00; K&L File Ref.040387], by Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP. I hope you can find the time to enjoy some of the same things as me. Poetry is a nice way to clear the mind while exploring new places within their soul!)

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defined by force,
to die for the cause,
is what the soldier supports,

defined by society,
to a grander cause,
the soldier come upon,

defined by religion,
Jesus died in its name,
put on the cross was he,

one the cross,
the other on the battlefield!
did they die in vain?

defined by song,
Jesus n' the soldier did sing,
your soul, one died for, the latter let freedom ring!

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