In Love With A Stranger Poem by Richard McClellan

In Love With A Stranger

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How do I commence speaking,
of someone that I not know?
my heart aches for them,
to be my fountain of love so,

A fountain from which they drink,
every drop, an eternal passion,
no blessing for me,
in feeling their warm embrace,

still, they're dearly missed,
everyday when I lie,
dreaming of the day,
when I will be with them,
my stranger at my side,

hold them by me,
an show how much I care,
that I love them so,
for in my mind,
they jus' won't go,

no matter what I do,
my sight does see,
my mind's one thought,
is my soul's only want,
to inhabit their's alone,
an become one to be,

for I am in love,
with a stranger so dear,
please, O' please,
bring my stranger here.

Rachel Butler 28 October 2011

'My mind's one thought, is my soul's only want' RAB

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Romeo Della Valle 27 October 2011

Amazing! A reservoir of rich imagery and fine penning words! A beautifully done poem! 10+++ Keep it up, my friend! A great poetic talent you possess and I respectfully admire! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from New York City! ...

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