The Great Love Of The Brownings Poem by Francis Duggan

The Great Love Of The Brownings

It was the union of poetic icons and their life together full of love and harmony
And they left behind them marvellous poems and sonnets and together now they live in history
They rank amongst the great poets of their era and the literary critics respect to them pay
And their verses perhaps will live on forever and their works are very much alive today.

When Elizabeth Barrett married Robert Browning they left England to live in Italy
They were in love and devoted to each other and when she died it has been said that he
Mourned for the one he loved his only true love the day she died the worst day of his life
They had spent so many happy years together and she was a loving and a devoted wife.

Two major poets who got on well together and the story of their love a story often told
An old woman she told me all about them when I was young a school going eight year old
She recited some of their most famous verses and about the Brownings quite a lot she knew
And I too became interested in their story for great stories of true love seem far too few.

The story of the great love of the Brownings is a story that will live forever more
They married and they then departed England for to live in Italy a distant shore
And when Elizabeth died Robert was broken hearted and he grieved for her for weeks and months and years
And even in his old age he still missed her and memories of her in him stirred up tears.

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