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***the Greatest Got The Easiest*** - Poem by SAKISABRE Saki

HALAKU KHAN attacked Bagdad in 1268
Mutassim Billah of Abbasia Khilafat surrendered to him with his 300 near ones!
By the order of Halaku Khan 1.6 million men were killed then!
Giving the duty of Administration of Bagdad to one of his followers;
Halaku Khan returned to his Home!
On the way Home, He saw some strange people!
He asked of the people to his attendants: -
Some soldiers went to the spot & reported that these people are renunciator of the worldly life & devotee to get the Creator!
He asked, 'What do they want? '
It was answered that these people want nothing except the Creator's seeking & His association! Halaku Khan took the words to his heart!
This matter astonished him that for the power of the world he has killed may people but here some don't like the worldly life even! !
Being eager to know the people, He ordered his attendants to call the Leader of the sect to meet him!
Hearing the order of the call, the Sufi Leader rather ordered the warrior to meet him or leave the place!
The courage of the Leader of the sect aroused more interest in Halaku Khan!
He himself went to meet the sufi people!
Going there, He found a Devotee sitting bending his head shutting eyes!
Halaku Khan gave him a gold Coin!
The Devotee asked, “what’s in the purse? '
Halaku Khan said, ' Gold Coin! '
The Devotee retorted that it has no gold coin except Human blood!
Halaku Khan was startled with it!
He gave a softer press to the purse & fresh blood began to come out!
What else then?
Halaku Khan became Muslim at once!
He opined to take a vow to the Master but He was advised to go to one of the khalifa of the Master!
Now think over this serious matter!
Who dares to to talk or convince such a warlord then?
Who dares to bring a Total change of his Life?
How cruel & Hard hearted was he?
Yes it was done by a SUFI DEVOTEE to make him a DISCIPLE too?
And where were the PANDITS of the HOLY QURN & HADIS of BAGDAD then? ?
They dare not to talk even! !
So think over the SPIRITUAL sides of ISLAM! !
& you may not Consider them who are called SUFI are SPIRITUAL MASTERS OF ISLAM! ! The Light of Islam is in THEIR HANDS
Not To those who think them to be ALIMs! !

((Collected & A thematic translation is done by M. Jahoorul Islam -MJI))

Topic(s) of this poem: historical

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