Corey Welch

Rookie (12/03/1982)

The Hand Forever On My Back - Poem by Corey Welch

i did everything i could
i tried so hard
but sometimes things dont work out the way they should
I gave everything i had
just see it all fall apart
and torn into pieces
so what do i do now
and who can i turn to
everyday im looking everywhere for that comfort
to sooth my battered soul
and to mend my broken heart
im sick and tired of walkin this path all alone
but then i remember
the hand forever on my back
your always there for me god
through the good and the bad
youll never let me fall completely
and if i did id be dead
and i dont want to die yet
i want to live
and just be happy
the battle with my self is just beginning
and its a war i intend to win
so many demons vying for my soul
i cant let them win
and give my soul to satan
hell no at the end
heavens gonna be where my soul lives

this is your song
straight from heavens
the ballad of the angels
your always in my heart
your always in my soul
this is your song
straight from heavens
the ballad of the angels
your hand always on my back
holdin me up when im about to fall
yeah the ballad of the angels
this is your song
god you know i love you

i aint gonna lie i feel a little lost
someties i dont know what to do with my life
deep down i feel like im waisting my life away
goin to work comin home normal grind
wheres the happiness that im desprately trying to find?
i have no idea but i hope you can guide me as i put my hands together and pray to you lord
point me in the right direction so i can find
what my hearts been searchin for all this time
im tired of feeling so lost, like im throwin my life away, givin it no meaning at all
so consider this song a call since i cant pick up the telephone and dial, i just wanna say sorry if i havent tlaked to you in awhile..

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