The Honey Bear Poem by Eileen Myles

The Honey Bear

Billie Holiday was on the radio
I was standing in the kitchen
smoking my cigarette of this
pack I plan to finish tonight
last night of smoking youth.
I made a cup of this funny
kind of tea I've had hanging
around. A little too sweet
an odd mix. My only impulse
was to make it sweeter.
Ivy Anderson was singing
pretty late tonight
in my very bright kitchen.
I'm standing by the tub
feeling a little older
nearly thirty in my very
bright kitchen tonight.
I'm not a bad looking woman
I suppose O it's very quiet
in my kitchen tonight I'm squeezing
this plastic honey bear a noodle
of honey dripping into the odd sweet
tea. It's pretty late
Honey bear's cover was loose
and somehow honey dripping down
the bear's face catching
in the crevices beneath
the bear's eyes O very sad and sweet
I'm standing in my kitchen O honey
I'm staring at the honey bear's face.

Anthony Weir 09 March 2018

These 'poems' are prose. I wonder what her prose is like? Probably the same...

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Marianne Reninger 04 May 2016

Proud to have you among us here at Poemhunters. Met lots of like minds on this site. This poem has that subtle gentle that your critics talked about and love the fact that this lady is squeezing the sweetness out of life So visual and poignant, so symbolic without getting it shoved in your face. Thanks, looking forward to reading more....Marianne Larsen Reninger

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Eileen Myles

Eileen Myles

Cambridge / Massachusetts
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