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Marianne Reninger 07 October 2016

Thanks so much for posting some of our quotes, Dr. Fab! ! So looking forward to reading the new Anthology in depth...

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Pamela Sinicrope 17 May 2016

Marianne is an artist and a poet. I've enjoyed reading her work since she first arrived on PoemHunter. She has a way with words...they become the image and the sounds and the moods she is evoking. Each word is carefully selected and placed into the poem. Topics covered range from being a grandmother to the sounds of the rainforest and memories of love and respect for nature. I personally have truly benefited from my interactions with Marianne over our poetry. I look forward to reading more of her work and seeing her art. Thank you Marianne.

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The Best Poem Of Marianne Reninger

Old Buildings Speak

Time knows no beginning or end
Old Buildings wave and wend,
And the words live on in the wind...

Old Houses Speak
With words that time forgot
They groan and creak,
And settle and weep
For long-lost children
That played in their yards.

Old Barns Speak
Of braying donkey and milking cow;
Hens and ducklings
screeching and scratching
In the hay-laden, sweet-funk air.

Old Buildings Speak
Of their store-house of olden wares.
Tobacco drying,
Machines turning,
Lumber curing,
Fabric spinning,
Scissors trimming,
Men's minds thinking there.

Old Sea Cottages Speak,
Of the briny wood and barnacle feet,
Of foghorn's belch and mermaid's greet,
And waves ever slapping refrain.

Time knows no beginning or end,
Old Buildings wave and wnd,
And the Words live on in the Wind...

Marianne Larsen Reninger

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Marianne Reninger Popularity

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