Francis Duggan

The Instincts Remain - Poem by Francis Duggan

Your cat is a beast of prey
To kill for food is it's natural way
You may feed it every day
But the instincts of the predator in it does stay.

Animals to each other cannot be cruel
In their World the strongest rule
Of cruelty they don't have a sense
To kill for them is not an offence.

They must live by their own law
They do use the beak, the mouth the hoof or claw
And some must kill for to stay alive
In Nature's World the strongest thrive.

Hawks and eagles are hunters of the sky
Smaller creatures from them run or fly
And the cheetahs kill by their speed
Since they are very fast indeed.

Wolves and wild dogs do hunt in packs
And bigger creatures they attack
Lions and tigers to their intended victim upwind draw near
In case the unsuspecting them does smell or hear.

Twice a day you may feed your cat
But given the chance it will kill a smaller creature, mouse, bird or rat
The instincts of the predator in it remain
And it finds joy in others pain.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, June 2, 2008

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