The Kind Of People I Want To Write Poetry For Poem by Cat Singh

The Kind Of People I Want To Write Poetry For

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People who are unafraid of being afraid
because fear has become their home

People who wonder
what a sunrise would taste like
if it were a breakfast food

People who take long walks at night
because the air just rushes in cleaner

People who have stories to tell

People whose stories
aren't unique or pleasant
but have so much value anyway

People who love socks
and the names of nail polish colors

People who think grass
is an unnecessary evil but also know
it is one of the most beautiful things
they will ever touch

People who think clouds of smog
piping out of factory towers
are breathtaking in their destruction

People who think everything
is just a little bit more complicated
than we believe

People who both love and hate god
for their silence

People who didn't know how to talk
when they were young
and still haven't quite learned how

People who yawn too much

People who love the intimacy of moments
no one else notices

People who can't shuffle a deck of cards

People who want to wear red boots
and yellow raincoats but can't find any
for the life of them

People who love so hard
that it hurts everyone they know

People with tummy aches

People who can't get over almost anything

People who somehow forgive
and hold grudges at the same time

People who are afraid of the sky

People who hurt unendingly, relentlessly,
chronically, and acutely

People who give themselves therapy

People who need catharsis over escapism

People with growling stomachs no matter what they put in them

People with hearts

People with brains they do not understand


Just people

Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: writing,hope,happy,people,life,beauty,poetry

Now I think I am the only person most qualified to be in your list. Now I know that I am not. Marvellous poetry, Ms Singh. Encore

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