Kuda Bondamakara

The Kungfu Panda - Poem by Kuda Bondamakara

I saw him in a dream, the Kungfu Panda
Cuddly and giggly, he was strapped in a yellow pamper
And in the least he made me shudder with a little wonder...
For he was oblivious to the woes that make grown-ups ponder.

I initially thought he was coming with a fellow Kungfu Panda
But was nonetheless delighted to see him a giggly lone ranger,
Who will to this world, have a lot to render;
And with whom I could do unreserved men’s banter;
Unperturbed by the trepidation of hurting a female who is tender.

Giggling, he threw his little hands into the air Mr Kungfu Panda;
And chuckled as he chewed his little toes with careless grandeur
His gurgles echoed louder than the voice of the noisiest vendor
Oh, he left the doors of my heart blissfully asunder.
For his sculpted beauty, would be a puller of the opposite gender

No doubt spurred by the adoration he stirred in me, the Kungfu Panda
He overreached himself in order to pacify the whims of this pander
And from his pamper, he unleashed a foul-smelling gas that sounded like thunder
But giggling, he didn’t show any bother to this shameful form of a blunder;
For he belongs to a group whose innocence does not yet know how to plunder.

It was more than a privilege to see him in this state, Mr Kungfu Panda;
Prior to his final escape through the exit that lies down under.
For it will be several months before he finally becomes a lander
On this place, which is just centimetres to his current home, yonder
But I will recollect I have seen him before, this Kungfu Panda.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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