Kuda Bondamakara Poems

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The Tears Of An Illegal Immigrant

In the detention centres of the queen’s kingdom;
There we sat down, yea, we wept;
When we thought of home.
And we sang a sweet song of freedom;

Forbidded Love

It was a long time ago;
Before the sleeping giants became awake
In this land far, far away
That I fell in love with a beautiful angel;

Rivers Of Tears

There are rivers that flow
Red tears from the brow
Meandering to the deep ocean
Whose edges're assaulted by emotion

The Microphone

He came to church to give a testimony
He believed could touch the lives of many.
So they gave him a microphone,
To turn the voice into a loud tone.

The House Across Our Road

Across our road is a house that stands alone;
And from it is a girl that peeps a lot.
I see her blankly staring across the lawn;
Hoping perhaps to have my attention re-drawn

Bells Of Freedom

It ill behoves me to forever dwell in poverty
When I've legs to take me as far as I can go,
And eyes that perceived the vision of liberty
Far from the plagues that tormented my soul.

The Dying Ant

One morning a little black ant lay prostrate;
On the upper side of a fallen big log.
At last it'd found favour in the eye of fate;
Getting such a warm place in the midst of a fog.

The Luckless Hunter

Slowly, he treads back home, the luckless hunter;
Empty handed, he looks down in shame
For by the gate his wife awaits him, arms asunder
Praying he has, for the children, meat from game.

God, Our Refuge!

Oh' God, our Rock in winds marauding;
Our strength in the times weary;
Our trust is under the shadow of Your wing
And You are our eternal refuge.

My Nubian Queen

If the snow falls and leaves the ground uneven
And the volcano ashes make the sky unseen
If the flights are too dear for the mean
And Im denied some time by the dean

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