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In the detention centres of the queen’s kingdom;
There we sat down, yea, we wept;
When we thought of home.
And we sang a sweet song of freedom;

It was a long time ago;
Before the sleeping giants became awake
In this land far, far away
That I fell in love with a beautiful angel;

There are rivers that flow
Red tears from the brow
Meandering to the deep ocean
Whose edges're assaulted by emotion

He came to church to give a testimony
He believed could touch the lives of many.
So they gave him a microphone,
To turn the voice into a loud tone.

Across our road is a house that stands alone;
And from it is a girl that peeps a lot.
I see her blankly staring across the lawn;
Hoping perhaps to have my attention re-drawn

One morning a little black ant lay prostrate;
On the upper side of a fallen big log.
At last it'd found favour in the eye of fate;
Getting such a warm place in the midst of a fog.

It ill behoves me to forever dwell in poverty
When I've legs to take me as far as I can go,
And eyes that perceived the vision of liberty
Far from the plagues that tormented my soul.

Slowly, he treads back home, the luckless hunter;
Empty handed, he looks down in shame
For by the gate his wife awaits him, arms asunder
Praying he has, for the children, meat from game.

Oh' God, our Rock in winds marauding;
Our strength in the times weary;
Our trust is under the shadow of Your wing
And You are our eternal refuge.

If the snow falls and leaves the ground uneven
And the volcano ashes make the sky unseen
If the flights are too dear for the mean
And Im denied some time by the dean

I saw him in a dream, the Kungfu Panda
Cuddly and giggly, he was strapped in a yellow pamper
And in the least he made me shudder with a little wonder...
For he was oblivious to the woes that make grown-ups ponder.

Last month, we embarked on a journey unknown;
She and I left for a place we could not sojourn.
It was long coming so there was nothing to bemoan
And it was no time to look back, no margin to postpone

If it were only for the beauty;
Everyday they're born who are pretty.
Yet real beauty is not in the booty;
For, the Book says charm is not a duty.

When the last dance finishes and the lights are turned off;
And in the dark I see a hunk giving you an eye; his name Christophe.
Go on, you can smile at him, even a broader smile that makes him cough
But when the last table clears and the revellers stagger off

Dance, once again for me Tracy
A dance that only I may see;
Lurching well above my faint knee
Wriggling your body with ecstasy

Saw her again yesterday,
The queen of Gaelic, the mermaid of Tayside;
Calmly walking without a care in the world,
Treading along the seaside.

These supplications we offer Oh Lord;
In the secret place You dwell, most High;
Do they ascend into Your world?
Or do You turn on them a blind eye?

'Sister, sister, in the darkness we currently stay
Darling sister, do you see me?
As we are bound together night and day
Can you more than visualise what I could be? '.

If these walls could tell a story
They'd blather a rare story,
About two worlds that will converge,
Two doves that will soon emerge.

If it'd been left to my power
There'd be only one flower
For I've seen even the howler
Being called a beautiful flower

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The Tears Of An Illegal Immigrant

In the detention centres of the queen’s kingdom;
There we sat down, yea, we wept;
When we thought of home.
And we sang a sweet song of freedom;
Whose echoes reverberated;
Within the corridors of captivity.

We were detached from the outside world.
Yes, tall walls girded with barbed wire prisoned us.
Gun totting wardens monitored our very movements.
And everything had a programmed time, even toilet visits.
We were broken and carried little conviction;
So we sat down, yea, we wept.

Day and night they humiliated us, called us criminals.
They restricted our liberties;
We were not human but animals;
Not because we had done anything wrong;
But because we had run away from tyranny;
So we sat down, yea, we wept.

They barred us from seeing our beloved
They stopped us from earning an honest living
They stopped us from matrimonial unions.
Even the married were denied conjugal privileges.
And when we felt hopeless and desperate;
We sat down, yea, we wept.

We stayed resolute, not because we considered our cause strong;
If that had been so, who wouldn’t have breathed his last?
But we only thought of home.
Yes, we longed a day when we would go home and be free;
And see our children; play in the rain, with the mud;
And our women, plate their hair and gossip;
So we sat down, ye, we wept.

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