The Last Words Of My English Grandmother Poem by William Carlos Williams

The Last Words Of My English Grandmother

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There were some dirty plates
and a glass of milk
beside her on a small table
near the rank, disheveled bed--

Wrinkled and nearly blind
she lay and snored
rousing with anger in her tones
to cry for food,

Gimme something to eat--
They're starving me--
I'm all right--I won't go
to the hospital.No, no, no

Give me something to eat!
Let me take you
to the hospital, I said
and after you are well

you can do as you please.
She smiled, Yes
you do what you please first
then I can do what I please--

Oh, oh, oh! she cried
as the ambulance men lifted
her to the stretcher--
Is this what you call

making me comfortable?
By now her mind was clear--
Oh you think you're smart
you young people,

she said, but I'll tell you
you don't know anything.
Then we started.
On the way

we passed a long row
of elms. She looked at them
awhile out of
the ambulance window and said,

What are all those
fuzzy looking things out there?
Trees?Well, I'm tired
of them and rolled her head away.

Ankusha 22 January 2019

Nice check out dream world by ankusha for more peoms

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Rajnish Manga 15 August 2017

An amazing poem indeed. It may appear to be entertaining but it is based on a meticulous study of older people. They might reflect delusions, phobias and dementia. I like it Thanks.

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Weee Woahh 09 February 2006

Life is sooooo hard right now.

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