Complete Destruction Poem by William Carlos Williams

Complete Destruction

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It was an icy day.
We buried the cat,
then took her box
and set fire to it
in the back yard.
Those fleas that escaped
earth and fire
died by the cold.

Complete Destruction
Susan Williams 27 March 2016

Okay..... well, we certainly weren't mourning the loss of the kitty kitty. Twas sensitive of him to bury the cat on an icy day- -the ground was it frozen deep, making it hard to pierce it with a shovel? I guess you could call it an act of compassion that he made sure the cat wasn't outlived by those fleas he couldn't be bothered to flea shampoo off her or flea collar off her. At least the cat had a box...

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Raymond Farrell 06 May 2018

It makes sense to burn the box and not bring the fleas in the house. You animal worshipers are all as idiotic as can be. The cat died he buried it. Back in the 1950s or perhaps before that when this was written there may not have been flea shampoo on sale for pets. DId you ever think of that.

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 24 January 2015

Lovely little poem with a deep meaning.

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Alistair Graham 24 January 2014

Fairs Fur Dorrit takes her turn on the leather One hundred and twelve, the auld bleather She has pockled about The back-door in and out I think she’s depressed by the weather

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Ronn Michael Salinas 25 January 2013

Interesting pick.

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Dick Hurts 05 March 2010

he be betain and burning his cat

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