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bounty body blushing
heaving hoisted hankering
under tainted touch
callous harmattan clutched

weary waves whooshing
hoisted horizons hankering
dark dances drooling
felon fate fostering

Fair like the winter's brow,
Wearing the makes of Cherubic's glow.
Eyes dimmed with crystal power,
Breaking through emotion like man-power.

Poetry is like a hook that apprehends deflowered fishes with its varying wits. The hook is thrown into the ocean of the socitey and it caught informations that inspires the souls to keep writing. Poetry is a garment of many colours that no one is yet to distinguish the type of its colour he's putting on. It takes time, dedication and observation to ascertain the type because these are the regalia of poetry.

She is always on silk
Endowed in glittering stones.

I think i'll like to join the atheists,
And sit in the counsels of the agnostics.
But before i join these crowd:
"Tell me with reasoning, what dwells beyond the cloud."

There is a folk I know
quite too well,
he does not refund when he owe,
at least that's how well I can tell.


My heart skips for you like the gazelle,
Swift limbs over the pale earth,
Seducing the dust till death,
Away from wrathful foe swift fled.

But I Have Seen!

If I was told the water will boil fish,
I would hold the conveyer in a grip,

My Future Partner

Though I've not seen her,
Or known her before,


Like a rigid hill she stands
With her naughty look-
Pouting and smiling,
redish chin, yellowish skin.

Have you ever looked at the mirror?
Who do you see?
You see yourself?
No it's not you.

Born without blood nest and sin piercing sting,
By divine message was his praises sung.
Gabriel announced the emergence of his Lord King.
That without blood he will elude sin that stung.

After amala and ewedu,
And after the round two of egusi and fufu.
Na im my eyes come dey pinch me,
Small small i dey close am.

Exceeding in pride,
obstinate in decision-
she moves on; she's time.
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What a skin!
Full of unprecedented
glows, like that of his kin.
But now disfigured on

How calm is Nature's love repose?
How often is Nature's love oppose?
Daffodils and berries,
Are now bethroted to the heavens.

Joshua Adeyemi Biography

YouTube channel: https: // Website - WhatsApp: +2349095112322 Wattpad: Josh_berry7 About me. People have take time to ask me, " Who are you? " I leave them to answer the question, Cos I don't have an answer of myself. After the product of conception, My parent looked at me and said " His name will be Joshua" . Well, I didn't give myself that name. A friend said after reading my work, " You have poetic chops" . Many said, " You're a great poet" . One said, " You look like a gay" . Many said, " You're a prophet" . I remember one said, " You're awesome" . And many more I can't say, " A young poet with great heart" , one did say. Well, they're wrong about me, Well, they're right about me. Cos even I don't know myself, Whether or not I'm a cane, baton or pen. Maybe the question they intended to ask, Is " Who do you think you are? " . If that their question is, Then I think I have an answer to it. I am an Equation, (Not Pythagoras though) . Well, it may take forever balancing me. Josh Berry(Ancestor))

The Best Poem Of Joshua Adeyemi

Callous Harmattan Clutched

bounty body blushing
heaving hoisted hankering
under tainted touch
callous harmattan clutched
felon feelings fostering
damped desires drooling

smoggy soles scrunching
gaunt hands groaning
laced lips whitening

la-de-da limbs lurching
voluptuous treachery vying
indifferent services squashing

damped faces drying
nocturnal nature smirking.
    20: 01: 04: 11: 17

~Note~ Dedicated to this crazy harmattan.

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Dr Antony Theodore 02 April 2018

Poetry is a garment of many colours The blue sky sings love and lights hope. Painful moments of life, death, be true, do not lie, fading beauty, Occupy my soul with the beauty inscribe in your face. varied are his points and ideas that he is trying to expose through his poems. young as he is, we expect a lot from him.. continue to write and with experiences of life, you will write many more poems exposing your heart and soul and enriching us the readers with noble thoughts.

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Joshua Adeyemi 30 March 2017

He is a prolific writer that speaks with his pen using a term that varies to other terms. A great poet indeed, he his. I think, God himself sees to his case. Ride on poet! The Lord is your strenght! ! !

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Joshua Adeyemi Quotes

Honour lies in your have, Not really in what you have.

The best thing you can be in this world is a man or an object of God.

The world is archetype to a garment, Which by unseen vampire is rent. And again and again mend. When the saviour to us is friend. C.2017

Look not down at a being, For his virtue is yet and unseen.

To fight for freedom is not a task, But a game play'd with style.

Age waits for no one, then why wait for him?

Be not afraid of death because it is the previous chapter of ignorance.

'...When different thoughts travels through your heart, travel faster before their return and ascertain which is wish...'

'...Learn to learn how to learn, and someday what you learn will goodness to you earn...'

Wickedness had made league with strife and they a couple had drowned love in the ocean of the world.

'...Poetry Is Playing the game of words...'

Poetry is a game of words, who ever wins is the best poet.

Everyone is a student of the pen, As far as we breath, under it we'll learn.

I don't believe rhyme kills the flow in a poem... I believe it's an incompetent poet that employs rhyme to kill the flow in his own work. Josh Berry

'... Most renowned poets are not best because of what they can do. They are/were because they had their larger audience...'

'... A poet should learn to hide multitude of emotions within few lines: Leaving his readers to be archeologists...'

To make a big change, you've got to change a big thing. Ancestor

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Joshua Adeyemi Popularity

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