Bill Simmons

The Leprechaun Tree

Poem by Bill Simmons

This is the story of the leprechaun tree
Some say exist and others deny
Well, I'm here to tell you the story is true
I not only seen it
I touched it's roots

The story goes, I heard as a lad
Deep in the forest, wee people it had
My father would say the stories to me
When I was young in my years
About an old tree

He said deep in the woods
There lived an old tree
Where no man has been
And no man has seen

A tree like none other
He said you will find
With branches that twist
And turn and wind

And the trunk he would say
Was rather quite odd
All twisted and bent
Not like a straight rod

And hugh he would say
The trunk of this tree
Not very high
But wide by four feet

He said near the roots
Would be a small hole
To small for a man
But a pup could go

Wee people he said
That tree was their home
Leprechauns they are
Some call them gnomes

You'll never see them he said
They hide quite well
And only a smart man
Finds the tree as well

And don't make them mad
If you ever do
For these folk have powers
If these stories are true

A wish he will grant
If you can catch one
But it must be made
Before the days done

And heed the warning
Of the old leprechaun
For often what's granted
Is often wished gone

I remember the stories
My father would tell
It soon was forgotten
Until out in the hills

I was hunting so far
Away from my home
And for a spell lost
In the deep woods alone

Confused and not sure
Which way I was going
I found a small path
Near a small river flowing

It ran by the river
Then off in the woods
So I followed that path
As I thought I should

It went like for miles
I couldn't believe
In the thickest of woods
It stopped at a tree

I found a small hole
So with a strong hand
I reached in and I grabbed
Out came a small man

He was two feet tall
With no shoes on his feet
He had very large hands
And his smell wasn't sweet

He had very green eyes
And long pointy ears
And his years were of many
By the length of his beard

While I held him up
He kicked all about
Then he in his green suit
Let out a shout

Let me down fool!
Let me down now!
You have no idea
Who you're messing with now!

Suprised I was
Then memory recalled
Are you a gnome I asked
Is that what you are

He doubled his fist
And shook it at me
All gnomes have tails!
He said angrily

I am Leprechaun!
I am the last!
You will get your wish
Put me down and just ask!

So I put him down
In front of the hole
So leprechaun you are
How do I know

You might be a dwarf
Or maybe an elf
Maybe it's true
I thought to myself

Just make your wish
Then go, let me be
You're invading my home
This is my tree!

I was hunting I said
I just didn't know
I thought you a varmint
Down in that hole

You're not here for me?
I could see in his face
Disbelief he was
The last of his race

No, I am not
I tell you it's true
You in that hole
I'm suprised well as you

He said well all right
As he calmed down
But we still have rules
Even if found

Just make your one wish
Then away you will be
And never come back
Stay away from my tree

I said, so leprechaun
So that's what you are
Then what do you do
In this forest so dark

I chase rainbows
Every now and then
He slightly smiled
And showed a small grin

I find me gold
At the rainbows end
But only a true leprechaun
Can find gold there my friend

If you find gold I said
And that's what you do
Then why is it leprechaun
You can't afford shoes?

A brother to me says he
Who is now passed on
A shoe maker was he
But now he is gone

Now make your wish!
Do it now I say!
Get it over and done
Then be on your way!

I thought to myself
Now what do I do,
A wish I am granted
Of whatever I choose?

My need seemed so many
But is this the truth?
Maybe it's not what
But what it is that I choose

I will wish now
And then I began
My wish is for you
My new leprechaun friend

I wish for you a new pair of shoes
That wont wear or ever tear
And made by the very hands
Of the brother to you

He sat down on his feet
Then cried many tears
And as if by magic
His brother appears

And in his small arms
He carried the shoes
That he made for his brother
My wish had come true

They both smiled at me
And said you are done
But we are well pleased
With your one wish of one

I said my friend
You are no longer the last
And you now have shoes
That forever will last

Now I take leave
And bid you farewell
And to my new found friends
I wish you both well

I followed the path
That led from those woods
It would take me back home
As I thought it would

Off in the distance
I heard one say
What you find friend
In your hay is not hay

Paying no mind
I kept moving on
But I did tip my hat
As I hurried along

The very next day
When I awoke on the farm
Many chores were to do
And many not done

I went to the barn
To feed the cows that day
So with pitch fork in hand
I tossed in some hay

As I reached for another
To toss a little more in
My pitch fork hit something
That shouldn't have been

It made a loud clang
That rang in my ears
So I raked back the hay
To see what was there

I was suprised
I could not believe
There was not one
But two pots of gold at my feet

And between the two pots
And it's true I tell you
Just my size
Was a new pair of shoes

So in leprechauns friends
Yes I believe
I not only know it
I once touched the tree.
the end

Copyright © 2003 Bill Simmons

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  • Robert Rorabeck (11/18/2004 10:17:00 PM)

    great ballad very well done and imaginative(Report)Reply

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