Bijay Kant Dubey

The Life Divine By Sri Aurobindo - Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is such a text and document
Which trespasses many a trajectory and domain
Of human thought and its evolution,
The mind rising in unison with the Force,
The Power Unknown and Unseen, Transcendental and Cataclysmic, Undergoing the realms of sadhna to be resolved in terms of
Yoga and yogic reflections.

A sadhaka, a yogi, a teacher and a preceptor, he tried
To see life and the course of evolution in his own way,
Interpreting as per the yoga and its delving,
The concept of Integral Yoga.

It is not at all maya which he adheres to; it is but
Sadhna through yogic practices which but took him to the pedestal
Of thinking and thought and he took to his recourse
In wit, intellect, logic and reason
Apart from different points of purview.

The graph of thought and vision is the length of his narration;
The curve and lining of it the horizon of his theory,
The evolution of human thought and its development,
The space immeasurable.

A prophet and a seer, he has seen in this context,
The range and purview of his delving, always taking him afar,
Dwelling into the realms of wit and intellect,
Contemplation and brooding in abstract terms.

Human thought and its evolution and the creation of the universe
As per the Superman and His Super Mind,
He has tried to present them theologically, intellectually,
After being into the steps of Milton and Shaw.

Shavian and Miltonic, he is graphic and vast, encompassing and Dimensional, as it remains
The case with the universe and cosmology of Milton, so is his,
But recounting the benefits of transcendental meditation.

The things have been transcended to show them grappling in
A pure and crystal clear metaphysical light,
The range and vision, the spectrum and horizon,
The plan and execution of his voluminous work.

The Life Divine is beyond any debate and discussion
As it covers a broad space and span of annotation
Intellectually and metaphysically.

In the beginning his essays used to appear in the Arya,
An ashrama periodical, but later on he collected and edited them
From time to time to produce a comprehensive work like this
Running into hundreds of pages.

An ambitious work, The Life Divine contains in two Books, inclusive Of so many chapters to take in the transcendental discussions
Inter-traversing and crisscrossing many
A reflection, thought, idea and view-point logically and reasonably.

Only explanations lie to take to perspectives of life and the world Beyond explanation,
Who is what, which is what?

It is very difficult to say where we reach to finally,
Some diversion is there of course; some deviation,
The abstract things are beyond the comprehension of the common reader As it is a type of transcendence; a story in progression.

A huge work, a massive compendium of human knowledge and advancement, It is an amalgamation of knowledge and wisdom explained through
Yoga and yogic heights of reflection,
A superman as the protagonist speaks in about the super mind at work.

As George Bernard Shaw questions and explains similar the style of The Maharshi; giving the thesis and the anti-thesis,
As Bertrand Russell talks about the impact of science on society,
The compendium of knowledge and wisdom and the value of
Comprehensive vision similar the scope of Aurobindo's The Life Divine.

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