The Light Giver,2nd Edition, Flowers In Flames Poem by Matloob Bokhari

The Light Giver,2nd Edition, Flowers In Flames

The Light Giver
Matloob Bokhari
I have been taught lies since my birth by my government, by history books, by masques, by mullahs, by classrooms, by curriculum and by my teachers. Even darkness is not so dark as is the blackness of my mind.I am dwelling in a dark place where we kill the light giver
In the land of mental slavery,
In the land of darkness,
The only pastime of the bad rulers and worse men is to sow the seeds of red embers
And water the crop of flames with their own hands

And enjoy the sight of cries and sighs of the babes with
hungry stomach, empty pocket and broken heart
living in the flames of hell.

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