The Little Black Girl

The little black girl had no-one
That she could call her own,
While others wanted something done,
Searched for a foster home...
The days passed by, then weeks, months, years,
The waiting broke her heart...
Her precious eyes were full of tears,
Her soul was torn apart...

Red tape was all that red tape is,
It stopped God's will for her...
No-one to share a goodnight kiss,
No peace that could occur.
That special love that God decreed
Was waiting in the wings...
Yet for this new life to succeed,
It's time to change some things...

The little black girl walked alone,
No-one to hold her hand,
No-one to share the love that's known
By others in this land.
Unless things change, her loneliness
Remains her cross to bear...
Regardless of the happiness
Some sweet hearts yearn to share...

Denis Martindale, copyright, August 2011.

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