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The Ll Party - Poem by Jerry Behr Number 2

In Australia there is a democracy, its political machinery is made of the party systems. In order to form governments, people have a choice of numerous parties. Two dominant parties are the Liberals and Labor,
one or other has been in power with policies they tailor.

The Labor Party is a powerful party in its own right,
the Liberals made a coalition with the National Party.
Combined they could go toe to toe with the
Labor Party, the Liberals supports the initiative
of individuals so that Australia won't be so primitive.

Gives free enterprise full reign and privatizes everything in sight, and has no interests in social questions.The Liberals believe in anti-socialism, all people should be working and recognize their place in life's role.
Socialism is a heresy and nobody should on the dole.

The Labor Party believes in wholesome socialism, and has the backing of the union movement. Labor believes that enterprises should co-operate with the
union movements, to find the best ways of resolving
their problems, around which their lives are revolving.

Labor believes in safety nets like the dole, another safety net is Medicare, social concerns like public housing. All of which the Liberals regard as a public heresy.
The Australian people thought that this adversarial
combative nature of democracy should be a tutorial.

During early 1970's Gough Whitlam's Labor Party was in power and made sweeping changes to Australian systems. Like the great lowering of tariff protection for industry and so manufacturers had to sink or swim.
Manufacturers had to cut fat and become trim.

Then under controversial circumstances Malcolm Fraser
during the mid seventies became Prime Minister and the Liberals were in power. However, the lowered tariffs
remained the same, whether Labor or Liberal it stayed.
Manufacturers and their markets started to get frayed.

The manufacturers of local products started to realize
something, it didn't matter who was in power. Labor or the Liberals, local manufacturers were losing ground to
imported goods. Australia attracted cheap imports
with all manner of goods cluttering our ports.

In Australia there is democracy, its political machinery
is made of the party systems, and people have a choice of numerous parties.The parties are Liberal, Labor, Liberal,
Labor, Labor, Liberal, its been that way for years.
Voting only for the LL Party, driving many to tears.

After Malcolm Fraser came the messiah Bob Hawke for
Labor, it was now the early eighties. This Prime Minister believed in entrepeneurialism with his mate Allan
Bond. Since tariffs were so low why have them at all?
So Hawke got rid of the lot, manufacturers went for a fall.

The local manufacturers realized that the LL Parties were useless for Australia and manufacturing was dying.
Stuck with Labor, Liberal, Labor, Liberal,
didn't matter it all remained the same.
Known as the LL Parties, the policies had the same name;

Everything you see and touch is imported, no country
would be as stupid as Australia to import everything.
Local manufacturing is declining to such an extent, that it
is not far from flat-lining. Everything you feel and touch
is imported,130 Billion dollars a year that's how much.

Even with benevolent welfare how could politicians ask
people to twiddle their thumbs for thirty years on the dole.
For the worker, Australia has no manufacturing future importing everything which manufacturers abhor.
Labor, Liberal, Liberal, Labor, LL Party, Liberal, Labor.

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