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The Lonely Soul

Rating: 3.6

The lonely soul wanders
Alone in the walks of life
No other soul as his companion
The lonely soul wanders

Alone in the daybreak
He does his duties
In the walks of life
The lonely soul wanders

Alone in the life
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Rafiq Sandeelvi 09 July 2011

good poem...touches soul....post your other poems

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Connor Leyden 21 November 2009

This makes me painfully aware of my life.

4 3 Reply
Kris white 18 January 2018

Im dying inside. This put words to it

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Scott Federman 22 October 2016

Reminds me of how I felt before I met my wife. Thanks

2 2 Reply
Genesis Learny 15 January 2009

anyone who has went through a dark period in their lives can relate to this poem.its based o a true story and that makes it a touching and real poem.

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divine 15 January 2020

Add a comment.thanks

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Srishti gupta 07 March 2019

Nthng mch... Jst tchnd nd jst lyk my lines

2 4 Reply
Anwwsh Ganguli 06 March 2019

I can relate very well with it. I can feel the poem deep inside.

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Yashika 11 February 2019

I loved it..... ????

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Leela chatterjee 26 June 2018

The lonely soul wanders alone in life.

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