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RAFIQ SANDEELVI Born in 1961.He started writing poetry in 1980 and his collections are Sabz Aankhon mein Teer (1986) , Gurz (1987) , Aik Raat ka Zikr (1988) and Ghaar Mein Baitha Shakhs (2007) .Besides other publications he has also authored Imtezaji Tanqeed ki Sheryaat (2003) and Pakistan Mein Urdu Haiku (2007) .He is also the recipient of Husn-i ...

Rafiq Sandeelvi Poems

It’s A Camel Ride

It’s a camel ride, and I
In a desolate street
Of a ravaged city
Holding the worn-out leather reins

When The Day Dawned

The day was yet to dawn.
From the warmth of my cosy bed,
as I stepped out of the house,
the entire town slept;

The Sawdust Is Flying

Sparks flicker
In wet eyes
Flashing shadows crawl
In the hallway

The Red Blanket

Pale, consumptive face
parched lips
sunken cheeks
withered ribs

Strange Are The Cadres Of Being

Suddenly, a visage
With a hushed leap
Rushed past the mirror
Black and yellow stripes

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