The Lost Symphony Poem by Thati pramod sai

The Lost Symphony

Wading through the shadows of time
Never knew where final destiny of my rhyme
I look back to enquire the lost second
To know what essence it held behind
Waiting anxiously for the next tick
Hoping something to unlock mysteriously for fortune to pick
To my never unfolding surprise and disappointment it hold
Nothing new and exciting my life stories told
A sense of guilt n never ending flow of miseries
A web if confessions deep buried in silent hours of failures
A promise and a betrayal burning deep inside heart
Tides and streams lost their streams in unknown dart
Hopes and weeps crave their paths in prayer hymns
A blanket if darkness covers my face
As I stand eye to eye in benevolence
Somewhere on my path I lost my lamp
Illusion beckoned me like a lustful vamp
I soon began to realise the fact
Never to loose faith in life's pact
Ones own deeds - follows the leads
Consequences the beautifully woven beads.
Lest - good or bad
Life is an amalgamation of both one had
Having awoke to know thyself
I started to wade through the shadows of time
To discover the lost symphony of my rhyme.

Sunday, July 23, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life,philosophy
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