The One Lonely Girl Poem by Thati pramod sai

The One Lonely Girl

I know a little girl
In an island of world
My best part
Don't know where to start

A mesmerising sweet girl
Since we are like a doll
Never missed a chance
Playing together dance

Innocent like a flower
Glowing smiles shower
Always amazed by her wit
Smartness makes me quit

Fired with courage and passion
Always stands tall in aspiration
My inspiration and my best part
Never had I seen any such lot
To me she is the only one I got Always amazed by her grit
Tried to learn every time little bit

As days passed by
Paths departed quite long
Never heard her for years
But our friendship never left us in tears
Always presence felt near
Though I have never seen her years dear

Driving now to meet
To listen her stories sweet
My heart seemed fastened every beat
As I approached to talk to her neat
Thinking she might be at the pinnacles of her life
Out beating my every expectation with out any strife

In this crowdy melancholy world
I can still feel her presence told
As I called her name
She turned towards me lame

Words started burning in calmness fumes
Thunders and storms over life sand dunes
Said to myself it can't be
Keeping bad omens stay far free
A bud innocently fell from a tree
Like a curse in gods decree
She was silently staring at me
With tears in her eye....
With a child near by...

Don't know where I'm driving
Don't know where I'm marching
Crisscrossing life most memories
Thinking of lost precious treasuries
Sat at the epitome of world
Seeing insanely everything cold
Water stream broke eyelids hold
She is not the one I ever known
Whom I dreamed like a charming crown
Where to start and where to end?
Far there sun peeping helplessly with a bend
Arguing what went wrong...
The only thing I can arrive at is..

You are not just girl dear
You are 'The one lonely girl'.
In this island of world.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship,girl,life,love
Anya Nikolaevna 29 May 2017

utterly speechless from how beautiful this poem is.... i encourage you to never stop writing!

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Rajnish Manga 25 April 2017

A very passionate write yet interspersed by sadness and loneliness. Thanks. I know a little girl.... Always amazed by her grit Tried to learn every time little bit ....Thinking of lost precious treasuries

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