The Maha Bodhi Temple Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

The Maha Bodhi Temple

The Maha Bodhi Temple,
How was it in the past,
How is it not,
Who took hold of,
How was it taken to?

How the structure,
When was it built,
Where the tree,
How did Buddha meditate underneath
And got enlightenment,
Who to say it about?

Who made the temple
And how
With what materials,
How the masons at work
Planned and worked
With what engineering and skill?

Who worshipped when,
Who had it been in the charge of,
The Brahmins for so long
When history went it otherwise
And Buddhism was on the decline
Here in India?

But what we see it today
Was resurrected and renovated
And restored,
The brick temple
And the temple handed over to
The Buddhist society.

But behind it is a history to look behind
That of the Guptas, the Sungas
So sculptural and architectural,
Historical and archaeological
With the stucco and railings of own.

But what about the visitors,
The pilgrims who visited the site
In the past,
Who from where, which country
The bhikshus we knew it not,
Had we been so backward?

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