The Majestic '5' Poem by Karpop Riba

The Majestic '5'

The state of Arunachal where nature reigns supreme,
Is home to five rivers, each with a unique theme- From the majestic Siang to the peaceful Dibang.

First, the Siang, the mighty Brahamaputra's tributary,
With its swift currents and bends, it leaves all in a flurry,
From the Tibetan plateau it originates, on its journey, narrating tales quite many…

Next comes the River Lohit with its pristine flow,
A river that abounds with life and love, is what we know,
With the might to nurture the land,
The Lohit spreads the wealth so grand.

Third, the Kameng River, unwavering and bold,
Flows through the rugged landscapes, so cold,
A river of courage, of relentless force,
It is much more than mere geography, of course.

Then comes the flowing Subansiri,
A river that moves with unwavering fury,
Rising in the peaks of the Himalayan range,
And on its journey, it brings about a change.

Last of all, is the peaceful Dibang River,
The lifeline of the region, now and forever,
It is a river of serenity, a source of life,
A river less known, but one that ends all strife.

These mighty rivers are the lifeline of the state,
Their flow; steadfast, unwavering and great.
Bringing about an abundance of sweet nature,
Becoming every living being's savior.

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