'The Man In The Synagogue' Poem by Israel Dammy Ipaye

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria

'The Man In The Synagogue'


A terrible time coming we heard of it
Just a very season pool of sores and infirmities
Hospitals no longer contemporary
A place for the one leggeds
They were all folly and wanted wear
It was a race meant for the fittests

In the shrine of these goddesses
Do mourning mouths renounce their living
A place of abode for ten decades
Yet no recuperation, they never dreamt
Of a better day which was ahead
Now experienced like His ascension

In towns screams of mourning hungry mouths
Yearning for foods tosses and turn
In the din of the whirling winds
What to swallow at dawn
Do they never knew at prime
These were times they regretted ascribing to
Existentialism on these pleasant leas
Now seems boring

There were times we reproached the Creator
This existence we knew not what goes beneath
These diseases were like reinforced forces
Playing like the foretold Anti-Christ
We never heard of the philanthropist in the synagogue
Though impromptu we seldom heard of him
A mighty man sent to boss these groans from Arigidi Akoko

Unhappy was our land, we incessantly yearned a hero
He is here, the man in the synagogue
He emerged, free for all salvation was heralded
Leprosy where is thy power?
Epilepsy could no longer say its efficacy
We serve your mighty God, the man in the synagogue

Now it seem uneasy lies now the head which wears
The crown, the starved for long now saturated
The barrens now fruitful, the dumb
Now speakers in the National Assemblies
Mourning mouths singing songs of malignant nemesis
Over the restoration of the stolen scenario

The cat which no rat could bell seems impossible
I s belled carrying the biggest of the bells
Behold the rats very exhilarated in their first reunion
These are luxurious times
We entered synagogue, our groans
All flee away, the sanctuary we thought meant for the braves

The man in the synagogue behold your enemies
Antagonists even though villains
Voluminous, be brave like the old David
They are tattered flags
That breezes away with little storm
You shall for ever be insurmountable

He shall be with you in all seasons
When you rise to erect the fallen mahoganies
Behold your protector never slumbers a second
Very close to you Emmanuel
Giving you audacity to cast away demons majestically
We mean the obstinate

Pastor Temitope Joshua you are divine
Behold villains wearing away this privilege
In the shrine of the goddesses
It moves them not, anyway they have no disparity
Great God! I would rather be a steward
Suckled in the synagogue, so might I
Standing on this pleasant altar have glimpses that
Would make me less forlorn and triumph

The philanthropist, they never knew the presentability
Better to serve in heaven than to reign in hell
The oracles seem to be too much with them
As for me my people, we will serve
The Great God of synagogue
Who never diminishes in power.

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria
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