'Six Years Hastily Spent' Poem by Israel Dammy Ipaye

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria

'Six Years Hastily Spent'

Had we but world enough and time
Loaded with exhilaration in this citadel of the learned
To express our white heart as snow gratitude
Open wide, our hands scatter praises
Oh! our breasts are pool of love
For the tarry six like century has been born and died today.

We had thought only the obstreperous could be the fittest
In all these years full of joyous damns
But lo, we decide not for tommorrow
What itself decisively decides
For this tommorrow ahead
Shall soon be mingled with these coherent days.

Shall we now say bravo?
To the indefatigable unrelenting farmers
Who have been nursing the shoots till maturity
This ascertained, they shall eat of the yields
This is the inevitability in the Holy Book
Invented by the mighty man of valor.

We shall go to the rivers
Rivers where ignominy and honour stays invitable
With attractive colours to those misled
We shall go drawing rainbow on the paper sky
For our eager descendants to play with
With inseparable coherence
With our busy brains we shall sing new songs.

We shall sooner tell the tales
Folktales of the past panoramas
Met in the mouth of the ex elders in the field
When the obstinate success is tamed
Lo, it shall forever be awesome
We know after several years
We shall inadvertently say farewell.

We shall go into the war front
Winning the battles of the brave
For the Sharpened spears we have claimed
We shall be rude to the dangers
For we abide under the shadow of the mightiest
Ipsofacto, we are born to win
The battles wherein we have the greatests.

As we are going into the perils of life
Braving audacious dangers
In all widerness, we shall keep diligence
Vehement to touch best ambitions
For we have confronted the lion and lioness
Now here we are victorious
Arguably we are unarguably leaving with ecstacy.

As we are going into the world
Dreaming different dreams
Sharing peculiar visions
Struggling for better days and greener pastures
God! be our guidance
For the world is ebbing to the last page
No one could precariously enunciate better days.

Oh! behold the denouement of the whole scene
Lo its memory shall never fade
Coming embryos in the mothers womb
Take perseverance as your bosom friend
Never relent in the darkest days
For after darkeness, shining there comes lights.

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Israel Dammy Ipaye

Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria
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