Israel Dammy Ipaye

Rookie - 1 Points [Izy Baba] (03/11/1989 / Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria)

Israel Dammy Ipaye Poems

1. 'Life Never Equal' 12/20/2008
2. Road To Dilemma 12/20/2008
3. 'Several Events Occured' 1/9/2009
4. 'Being A Philantropist' 1/9/2009
5. My Queen My Beauty 2/11/2009
6. Dedicated To My Rose 2/11/2009
7. You Promised 3/2/2009
8. 'My Babe, My Bane' 4/10/2009
9. 'My Journeys On These Leas' 4/10/2009
10. 'My Days' 4/10/2009
11. 'A Yellow Day' 12/19/2009
12. 'The Man In The Synagogue' 12/19/2009
13. 'Raining At My Teenage' 12/19/2009
14. 'Indisposable Feelings For Her' 12/21/2009
15. A Mad Man 8/24/2010
16. Before These Days 8/24/2010
17. New Season Arrived 12/20/2010
18. He Is Here Again 12/20/2010
19. New Season Anticipated 1/27/2011
20. Asiwaju Is Here Again 1/27/2011
21. Virgin From Cradle 1/27/2011
22. To The Young Ostentatious Lass 11/19/2011
23. A Dash Of Hope 2/6/2012
24. Just A New Day 6/4/2008
25. 'In The Agora 6/5/2008
26. To My Rose 10/24/2008
27. When Shall We Walk In Peace 10/24/2008
28. To My Heart 10/24/2008
29. 'These Days' 7/19/2008
30. 'End Of The Days' 8/22/2008
31. 'Beauty' 11/15/2008
32. My Life Quatrain 3/8/2013
33. In This World 7/12/2013
34. A Quatrain 8/15/2013
35. Free Verse To The One I Love 9/12/2013
36. Nursery Rhyme 9/12/2013
37. Never Say Quit 11/30/2008
38. 'A Place In Your Heart' 12/13/2008
39. To His Bootylicious Mistress 7/12/2014
40. The Pagan Proselytizer 7/12/2014

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Best Poem of Israel Dammy Ipaye

'Appeal To My Only One'

Rose, I knew I have made you backslide
Underneath does your feelings metamorphosize
The caress that aggradizes daily
Now is overwhelmed with these flimsy ignorance of mine
I have acknowledged my ebbing version now do I yearn for forgiveness.

Love who else could be sent on consolidation
Since thirty thousand men with sugar mouths proved abortive
Since you left, the light you shed turned latent
Strange people with their obscenities on me
Now I thought the best part of my life breathed last.

But you and I young lovers on these leas
I thought this like ...

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'In The Agora

In the agora of you and I
I can hear you like snake stuttering promises
Hearing you vociferating in this shy
These promises in our flowered premises
For you death, it could have come to fulfilment
This could not have been obliterated if we are to be immortal
These could have overwhelmed me with aggradizement
But seeing you as the only comforter
Oh it could have lasted for the time night

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