Israel Dammy Ipaye Poems

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'Appeal To My Only One'

Rose, I knew I have made you backslide
Underneath does your feelings metamorphosize
The caress that aggradizes daily
Now is overwhelmed with these flimsy ignorance of mine

'Once In My Lifetime

Once in this luxurious time of mine do I stay sceptical on this opinion
I yearned once you are married no more divorce
Once you are in love like the old Ruth hatred is out of the scene
Life the home of the agiles

'Journeys Ahead'

When alone, even when bored with no therapy
I wish I could expedite my journey even if not immortal
To make my travels as fast as the metallic monsters above
I wish I could go with my groans forgotten in toilets

The Future Unheralded

So long I have been here on these pleasant leas
Bruised in suspense of the enigma as though of the bees
From the cradle, I have been told
The soothsayers prophesied, the future wouldn't be lugubrious

Endless Journey

When alone in the midst of the misogynists
I yearned for the denouement being a misogamist
The habitat of the suspensed denouement
No one could hitch uninvited

'Behold A Great Tree Has Fallen'

Behold, a protagonist breathed last
A fallen tree that cannot be re-planted
Alas, this is melanholic
For the caring father has gone

'Six Years Hastily Spent'

Had we but world enough and time
Loaded with exhilaration in this citadel of the learned
To express our white heart as snow gratitude
Open wide, our hands scatter praises

'These Days'

When I tasted the affairs of these days
Behold it was all sour
When I beheld the affairs of these ungracious pastors
Dekko it has sequel become my bane

'End Of The Days'

As the waves make towards the pebbled shore
So do our moments and minutes hasten to their ends
But this inevitability shall soon be invoked
Kingdom against kingdoms, nations in trial

To My Rose

Maid, for a million years do I examine thy splendour
I found no one who could vie with you love
Like an orphan under this tangerine do I breeze alone with no therapy
Baby, we thought beauty passing like our nightmares

Israel Dammy Ipaye
Ayegunle Oka Akoko South West local government Ondo state Nigeria
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