Jamie Ellen Christian

Rookie ((1976-Present) / St. Louis, Missouri)

The Moon Over You - Poem by Jamie Ellen Christian

Where are you
Where are you
I ask this night
As the Moon follows you
Like a watchful spy
Shining upon you
You’re fixed in it’s stare
But not by my own eye
Where are you
As the moon looks at you
I cry

I’ve moved along every
Lane, road, and street
Passed every corner
To see if you’re waiting there
In case we should meet
Trying to find the scent of you
Meadows I have grazed
In case the breeze would blow
Your smell sweet
Where are you
The moon you’re secret keeps
Or are you awake in madness like me
Or does the Moon watch you peacefully sleep

The Moon
Oh how I envy it’s gaze
Even while the clouds pass
The Moon is able to watch you through the haze
And here I am lost
Lost, stuck in this maze
With only a vision of you
Leaving me in want
Leaving me crazed
I feel so out of touch
Like I’m losing my ground
No longer want to be your song
Don’t want to be you’re sound
I want to be your light
To come down upon you again and again
Offering you some warmth in the dark
To be your spark
Where are you I ask this night
Because I want to be your light
The only one for you
Amongst the stars of the black sky
This silver ray wants to rest where you lie
To be the ache in your thighs
Beaming upon you from high
But no, the moon is the watchful spy
And not my own eyes
While it looks at you, I cry
Please let me know the place you hide
That this silver ray may streak to your side
Where are you
Where are you I ask this night
Man what I wouldn’t do, right now, to be the moon over you

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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