The Most Important Study Of Poetry Poem by Denis Martindale

The Most Important Study Of Poetry

The most important of the lot is when we take exams,
It's then we study theme or plot, and when each student crams,
To learn the structured styles of verse and rhyming schemes as well,
Perhaps reciting to rehearse as poems cast their spell.

The to and fro of fashioned thoughts, the wordplay now and then,
The memories of school reports that haunt us once again,
Who knows which students have agreed with all the guidelines made?
Who knows which students will succeed and get the highest grade?

But do the modern students care what poems have to say?
Do they write poems they would share, emotions to relay?
Yet out of students on this Earth will come a legacy,
Of brand new poems finding worth throughout eternity.

The future masters of the art that spans the centuries,
Will challenge every noble heart, with rhythms meant to please,
Through psalms and songs, God helps them write, outshining all before,
If they but study with delight, until God grants them more.

Denis Martindale. February 2022.

Friday, March 4, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: god
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