Evey Vendetta

The Most Wonderfull Dream - Poem by Evey Vendetta

I have this wonderful dream; the dream is recurring every night. This dream is about me and this man whom I love with all my heart. This man whom it seems the world is agenst. Every one I know seems to not want us to be together and has tried everything to keep us apart. Though as you will know it never works and everything they try has failed. This dream begins on the day that we finally meet in person at my mums house...

Im sitting on my mums porch looking out at the drive way. As he pulls up the drive anxiety begins. I get up and start walking in circles knowing the moment I've been waiting for is finally here. All I have been wanting for the past 2 years is this very moment. I stop and turn around only to see him in his black skinny jeans, Marilyn Manson butt flap thingy, some t shirt, bondage belt and chains jingling his way to me. I stand there over joyed in my black and red tripp pants my black n red stripe shirt trying to contain myself. As our eyes meet we come closer and I begin to cry the most happiest of tears. He grabs my cheek oh so very gently and caresses it and gently kisses my lips. I just stand there I'm in shock thinking this must be a dream but its not its one of the most best and beautiful days of my life.

As he continues to kiss my lips I start to kiss back and the feeling is amazing. I sit here trying to put it into words n I find it very difficult to explain. It's a feeling that one in a life time thing, a kiss that you only get from "the one n only" a kiss you can't get from just anyone. Most people I think they close there eyes when they kiss. I'm not exactly sure why, but I opened mine. I had to look into those beautiful blue eyes, those eyes I can never ever get enough of. As I opened mine he opened his too we both stopped n smiled and I had that bite your lip grin and a tear or two fell once more. He smiled bigger n took his hand n wiped them away. He told me "I am here now why do you cry? " I just looked at him n smiled and said " I'm crying because you are here my dream has come true though it still feels like a dream this is what I have wanted from that moment I met you".

Eventually our moment is interrupted by my mum coming out to say hello. We hold hands as we head for the door and walk inside the house. Bobby Jo my mums dog jumps on us as she always does to welcome her visitors. He doesn't seem to like it very much as he kinda looks at the dog n grumbles. So I go ahead and get the dog n take her to the other room. I then take his hand n lead him to the couch so me him and my mum can talk. This is where we have that odd unusual talk that parents will have with there kids when they bring there dates home or whatever. Usually consist of random questions like where do u work or what do you do and what's your hobbies and crap, lucky for me those question have been answered long ago yet the conversation was still very wired. I could tell in his eyes that he wanted the same thing as me. I wanted to steal him away and run downstairs to be alone with him. Thankfully the chat went dead and I made the excuse to leave and take him with me. He followed behind me my mom with that worried look like we were going to go down stairs and do the nasty and in my mind I was actually hoping for that ha ha ha.

When we finally reached the bottom the stairs I was smiling from ear to ear with that thought in my head. Apparently he knew what I was thinking and he smiled too. I then showed him around wasn't really much to see all there is down stairs is the bathroom/ laundry room and the utility room and a bedroom. I went into the bedroom as he followed n told him this where we will be hanging out its small but least we would be alone. He smiled n just looked at me with the cutest look I think he must have been looking me over or something. Wasn't long till he just walk towards me n leaned me back on the bed and started kissing me again. The rush came back n once again he'd succeeded n driving me crazy. We sat there in what it seemed like forever hell I wish it was forever and then he just rolled over n looked up at the ceiling n said I love you. I just died right there with those three little words most magical of all words.

I smiled and I told him "I love you too" and we sat up and checked the time.
It was 4: 00pm I told him I guess we should probably go upstairs before my mum starts to think were doing it. He laughed as I made loud fake moaning noises to see if I would get my mum going. He took my hand and walked me out the door and back upstairs and the look on my mums face was priceless. She knew I was kidding though and she said that wasn't funny though I thought it was. I then said that I was going to go for a walk with him. We then we stepped out and I told him we could go walk around the property witch was filled with beautiful trees and flowers and birds singing was a perfect day.

I we started down the path we began talking about random stuff. He asked me if I was happy and I of course said "what a stupid question to ask." He told me how happy he was to finally be here holding my hand and he was sorry that it took so long. I then said what I always say that he shouldn't worry about it doesn't matter anymore he was here and that was all I cared about at this moment. As we went around the corner to where my mum wouldn't see us from the kitchen window we sat I the ground. I just set there speechless I couldn't find the words to speak I guess I was still in shock after a few minuets of silence of what seemed like forever. I crawled over and kissed him again he leaned back on the ground and I went down with him. We kissed so passionately was like that shit you see in the movies that every girl wishes would happen to her couldn't believe it was happing to me.

I snapped out of my vision got back to reality noticing he moved his hands up under my shirt n was removing my bra. I smiled at him and kissed him again though in my mind I was kinda worried about what was or could happen. He managed to get it off and before I knew it I was topless and he was on top of me. I laid there watching him take off his top frozen in place at his beauty there was absaluty nothing more beautiful. After he took his shirt off he reached in for another kiss and starting doing that thing where he kissed around my body making more scared im not realy sure why I was so damn nervus. He started taking off his pants and I knew what would happen after that and scared the hell out of me but I played it off must played it well because what I knew was gonna happen happened and he started taking off mine. by this time i was absolutely freaked out. my shyness was at its max and i think i was shaking a bit im not sure it all happend so fast it seemed. Now that we were both naked you can abuvisly guess what had happened after so I wont go into details. Ill just say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think a reason why I was scared was because of my past with it and I thought so little of my body. He always tells me Im beautiful though the days before we met I always found myself thinking of what was I going to do when it came to this point when the cloths would come off I put my self on diets just to attempt to make things better witch it did but I got bored with it. You see hes a tooth pick of a guy yet still thinks he's fat n I'm not skinny but I guess I'm not that fat either. Basically though my fears were gone now and a worry was lifted of my chest.

So we were dressed now still laying on the ground I sat up had leaves all in my hair as did he and we laughed as we picked them out of each others hair. I sat there and thought about what the hell just happened and realized oh my Goths I just made love to the man of my dreams holy crap. The biggest smile went across my face as he helped me up and kissed me again I thought to myself ill never get enough of these kisses. He took my hand and said we should go back its getting late I guess more time had passed then I thought it did ha time fly's when your having fun. So we walked back to the house me still in a daze about what happened thinking the setting was actually really romantic. As we walked back into the house my mum was on the couch still watching some tv show wasn't really sure what is was but we sat down to join her. She as figured asked how was the walk and we looked at each other and he said it was nice and complemented her yard.

We sat for awhile watching tv and I started to get hungry and I guess he knew by the sound of my tummy grumbling and asked what I wanted. I told him I didn't really know that he should surprise me and off he went to the kitchen to do his favorite thing..cooking. Before I knew it he came out with a yummy dish a "hen in a basket" as he calls it topped with cinnamon and sugar. Breakfast for dinner how original made me laugh. The night went on and eventually I got tired and since he knew my bedtime he said goodnight to my mum and took me downstairs to bed. I changed into my nighttime cloths of course witch was my pink hello kitty short shorts and my black cure shirt and he in his black skull pj pants and a black whiff beater. I crawled into bed all comfy and he in behind me wrapping his arms around me I laid like this for a moment and absorbed every second of this moment. I was in his arms and i never wanted to leave never wanted this moment to end. I then rolled over n laid my head on his chest and soon fell asleep.

I then dreamed about the day that just ended and how amazing it was. The day was way better then what I had planned it to be and I couldn't have asked for anything more. As it seems my day has ended as has this dream so I guess this means my story here is over. This story here may be over and sadly its just a dream but one day this dream will come true and ill be like in the dream the happiest little goth girl in the world.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

this is a short story i wrote the whole 2nd paragraph was a dream that i had n the rest i wrote around it to make a story

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