The Myth Of Evolution Theory Poem by Paul Hartal

The Myth Of Evolution Theory

'The Theory of Evolution is just a modern myth', said the Frog.

'Nonsense! ' protested the Octopus. 'Evolution is a scientific fact.'

'Oh, no', croaked the frog. 'Bear in mind, as the philosopher
Karl Popper points out, real science
is falsifiable by empirical evidence,
and evolution is not a testable scientific theory. Popper once called it ‘a metaphysical research program'.

'Really? So how could one falsify and destroy this theory? '
asked the Octopus.

'I'll tell you how', said the Frog.
'Go to the Precambrian strata and find
a frog or an elephant.Or other incongruities, like dinosaurs.'

'I don't follow you', said the Octopus. 'Could you be more specific? '

Well', said the frog, 'as you might know, the Precambrian age
Is the earliest period in evolution and it represents nearly
ninety percent of our Earth's history. It started with the formation
of our planet about 4,6 billion years ago and ended with the beginning
of the Cambrian era some 540 million years ago.'

‘So what? ' said the Octopus. 'This does not prove the theory is false.'

'No', agreed the Frog. 'But wait.
It is possible that for billions of years
during the Precambrian there existed highly developed creatures,
superior to mammals and more intelligent than humans. The problem is
to find the evidence. Unfortunately, Precambrian rocks underwent
countless changes. They are extremely metamorphosed strata,
which conceal their history. So all that you can find today in them are microbial fossils called stromatolites. The Theory of Evolution remains unproven. It is not a fact.'

'But is this all? ' asked the Octopus. 'Don't you have other arguments? '

'There are plenty of arguments that contradict and refute Darwinism.
The fossil record, for instance, is full of gaping gaps.
Or take the roblem of random mutation, which is believed to be
the basic guiding mechanism of evolution. However, in 2015 Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for having mapped and explained how cells repair their DNA and protect the genetic information. Hosts of protein monitor the genes, they continually proof-read the genome and repair the damage
on the molecular level.The DNA in the cells remain fundamentally
intact through years due to molecular repair mechanisms.
This discovery contradicts evolution theory, because in neo-Darwinism
random mutations assume the central role as the essential driving mechanism of evolution. Science, however, shows that organisms strive for resisting mutations. Instead, they preserve genetic information through molecular repair.'

'Darwinian evolution', continued the frog, ' employs natural selection
as its pivotal procedural mechanism: Evolution occurs through the survival of the fittest, it claims. But since it is assumed to be a random and mindless process, what really would prompt a clueless gene to select its own survival?
So why would single cell bacteria desire to naturally select
and choose to become a shrimp? And why would, for that matter,
a fish scale want to turn into a bird feather? How can chaos select at all? How would the environment drive reptiles some 300 million years ago to evolve into mammals? Would not be those so called synapsids just be happy to be synapsids? '

'I see', said the Octopus. 'But what about the problem of consciousness? For, I hear, though I don't believe it, that human consciousness is very special and that it does not fit into the Darwinian framework.'

'Well, this is what some humans claim', said the Frog. 'They assert that consciousness transcends natural selection. As a primary phenomenon, consciousness involves an intrinsic, built-in faculty of nature and existence. It arises as a fundamental experience that cannot be expressed in other terms. Science can inform us with loads of facts but it cannot really describe the experience of colors, the awareness of red or blue, the sensation of delight and pain, of sweet or bitter, of the beautiful and the ugly, of the good and the bad.

Darwinian evolution theory cannot account for the existence of human
consciousness, the cognitive faculties of the human mind and the diversity and wealth of its spiritual dimensions. No, the theory of evolution definitely is not a scientific fact. For, unlike our verifiable belief that the earth revolves around the sun, or that light travels 300,000 kilometers per second, Darwinism remains unproven. It is not an established scientific fact but a controversial theory.'

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