Paul Hartal Poems

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Oranges And Grapes

Oranges and grapes refuse to grow in the cold.
Today I sing and dance, refuse to grow old.
Yet all the same, time is tyrant and ruthless,
Unfolds my wrinkling years, it is relentless.

Acrylic Sight

"The surgery is a short and quite a painless procedure",
the opthalmologist said. "We apply highly precise laser
technology. You will be out of the clinic in less than an

The Mystery Of Gravity

You stand quite firm on the ground and don't fly in the air
like the people in one of Magrite's enigmatic paintings.
The same force of gavity that keeps us quite reliably
on the ground, as Newton discovered,

Green And Brown

My mother liked to do needlework.
With skillful stitches she embroidered
bright human figures, red watermelons,
and brown trunked trees

Science And Ethics

Science flies the triumphal banners
of magnificent human accomplishments.
Mind you, among many other things,
it provides us with antibiotics, electricity

Democracy Vs. Dictatorship

The kangaroo ordered an orange juice.
The crocodile preferred a cup of coffee.
Holding the Party Paper, Edition Zoo,
The hyena opted for his downy dream,

They Come In Seven Sexes

An old wing of the university
housed the laboratory.
She passed through a narrow corridor
oozing the autumn moisture

The Illogical Birth Of Morning

The evening
is pregnant
with the night.

Science: A False Mirror

In logic facts are true or false,
Black or white.

But in real life facts are matters

A Tanka On Life

While life is about
love, family, fun and joy,
learning and service;
we live it as if it were

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