Green And Brown Poem by Paul Hartal

Green And Brown

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My mother liked to do needlework.
With skillful stitches she embroidered
bright human figures, red watermelons,
and brown trunked trees
with green foliage.
She decorated our home with her own
comely tapestry of canvas work.

I walked today through a park
in bleached November light.
The grass was green
with brown patches in the ground.
And I remembered my mother.

Jayne Louise Davies 07 November 2022

What a lovely poem x My late Aunt also loved doing the same type of needlework in her younger days, it made me think of her x Thank you for sharing. Five stars*

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D.N. Rebb 27 November 2022

What a moving and honored poem. I wonder if you hated her creativity when you were younger; and yet, now, miss it so dearly.

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Anat Tour 11 November 2022


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Paul Hartal 12 November 2022

I appreciate your comment, Anat.

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Nosheen Irfan 08 November 2022

Loved reading it. It's so heart touching without any sentimentality. You convey strong emotions in an understated style. Sheer elegance!

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Paul Hartal 09 November 2022

Thank you, Nosheen Irfan, for your comment.

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Anil Kumar Panda 08 November 2022

Brilliant poetry. Great imagery. Loved it. Nice share.

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Paul Hartal 17 November 2022

Thank you for Anil Kumar Panda for the comment.

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 08 November 2022

Mother's handycraft is comparable to beautiful nature; nice to read you poetic memory

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Paul Hartal 17 November 2022

I appreciate your comment Mahtab Bangalee.

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